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Using the taxonomy term associated with a node as an argument in a view

How to in Views 2

Using a taxonomy term associated with a node as the argument in your block view. In the original Views module, the PHP Argument handling code was a collapsed fieldset that opened to reveal a textarea in which to input code. In Views 2 this is still necessary, unless we're missing out on some uber-advanced method, but harder to get to.

Agaric wants a "Save and Add New" button for content types

Agaric wanted and now has happily found a way to submit a node and get the create new content form immediately.

And there is a module to do that:

(I recall I wanted it as a button to "save and add new" – I still think that would be a superior user interface.)

Agaric wants Drupal to upload files with any or no extension and stop being a pain about it

Agaric is not alone: Allow any files to be uploaded or make "Permitted upload file extensions" a required field

The workaround of adding the file name to the "extension" list didn't work for us though for a file called "Capfile" (with no extension, of course).

Adding a .txt extension to the file for now. But may I say: annoying!


DrupalCampNYC5 final random notes

San Francisco
semantic library

looking for developers

open library project

(Then later at the bar PLOS was mentioned again by ....)

for a description of visual photos

tagging photos

someone writes New York

take all these options and make one unified thing

one word or two word or underscore

categorizing what color is on a picture

Alternate_login module does not provide a security benefit

Responding to Lauramba's Using Alternate Login Module to Protect Your Site (she doesn't have comments enabled, so in addition to e-mailing through her contact form I'm posting here for posterity).

Hi Laura,

I agree with your post in theory, as in that approach would be a good idea, but alternate_login module doesn't do that– it still allows people to log in with the regular username, so it actually increases the chances people can guess a correct login.

Configuring Global Redirect and Path Redirect

The modules in question:
Global Redirect:
Path Redirect:

Download and place your modules in the sites/all/modules directory of your site using your chosen method. Agaric recommends Drush.

Synching a new Webform with Salesforce

"Ensure all Webforms are exposed to Salesforce"

The form will be exposed to Salesforce module. Then go back to:

Where the form will be listed as disabled:

[See screenshot]

Configure first, and then enable.

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