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Like our friends at May First People Link who have a fully public support system, a big part of Agaric's philosophy is mutual aid and community building. We share everything we figure out about web sites, Drupal, technology, and life (haven't figured out much there yet, though). We invite others to participate here or let us know what you're doing at your own homes on the internet.

Open Data was created as a concept/prototype by Kathleen Murtagh in mid-2009.

Agaric dove into using it because we believe in sharing our notes, knowledge, and other information (if only so that we can find it again and other people can correct us). See also the To Do.

We have lots of data. Kathleen knew we would need many ways to connect data, which is why we came up with this idea, making heavy use of Drupal's taxonomy features.

Open Data is part of Agaric's mission to help all people gain the most power possible over their own lives.