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Videos on Achievements by Paralympic Athletes

Achieve Without Limits [video including Anjali]

Anjali Forber-Pratt U.S. Paralympic Track and Field Team

If view Row style isn't visible, change the style to one that allows both

When editing a view, the Row style option may not be available. Change the Style to one that is available to all (both) row styles, such as Unformatted, and you will be able to change from Row style Fields to Row style Node.

The row type of node is not available when the grid style is in use, for instance.

Field labels should be number of items / plural aware

Ideal would be on the field settings, or possibly the field display settings, you can set what the singular and what the plural should be.

I don't think automatic adding of an s would work so well.

Point is you have a link field for entering web sites, it should say web site if there is one and web sites if there are multiple.

The saga of changing a value of a field via a preprocess function, played out on IRC

(Courtesy the Completing a Site (the Other 90%) chapter of Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.)

The short

You can change the value of a field in a preprocess function here:


Nowhere else!

The long, unnecessary story of figuring this out

Functions investigated:

Password accepted, redirected to user page, but access denied-- login succeeds but fails by the time of redirect

login seems successuful but drupal site redirecting to user page access denied error

it was due to having cookie domain set (albeit apparently correctly) in my local settings.php

commenting it out, and i could log in.

Problems upgrading a Drupal site with Webform from 6.x to 7.x (Webform in 7 does not upgrade to 3.x from 2.x)

Short version: Upgrade webform to 3.x first, while still on your Drupal 6 site.

Went back to the database that i swear i dumped right after upgrading. And the system table has version 7.0 core modules in it, so it's not like i accidentally

Manually replace the body of an Activitystream node

Manually updated twitter feed post:

after that they should properly have the twitter name in the title, but not in the body.

and by manually updated, i mean activitystream breaks the bloody node edit form somehow.

Since i only want to do D7 development, and this is D6, i bailed pretty early and made the change direct in the live database (after careful investigation of course).

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