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Extending GDPR module's consent sub-module

If you add a GDPR Consent field to anything other than a node, user, or profile, it will result in a hard fail: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

The error in the logs is this:

Format code blocks within bulletted lists with ReStructured Text (rst)

The trick is to use the double-colon (::) at the end of the text where you want to introduce the code block with a single colon, and then indent the code block four spaces while only indenting the regular text two spaces. Do this even though you want the non-code lines of text to visually appear at the same indent as the code block and the original introducing line of the bullet.

The following ReStructured Text (ReST) markup, typically put in a .rst file, for example:

Accommodation Ideas for Workers with Mental Health Impairments

These ideas, via resource books from which credit are framed as helping mental illness. They are almost all good ideas for everybody.

Vulnerability scanning


Implement vulnerability scanning to help fulfill">SSP Control RA-5 - Vulnerability Scanning.

The disappearing "You have unsaved changes" message Drupal 8 is frustratingly disruptive

Is this happening to other people or just me? The "You have unsaved changes" message that shows up, and then disappears Drupal 8, disrupting you while you're trying to make further configuration edits.

Feedback on private, secure cloud storage / backup given to Least Authority

The convenience (can actually be used) and security balance is the real magic in this space. For example, i am at this moment fairly afraid that i've forgotten my SpiderOak passphrase and lost the backup piece of paper. On my ToDo list for months has been check if i can still access my data and then re-up the subscription. I own my failings, but i suspect other humans share them. Perhaps tiers of data security in one service could be an answer? One tier, the lowest, can be recovered with a password reset to e-mail, so the private key actually stored somewhere with you.

Doing well on job interviews and employment tests

This is mostly not the kind of stuff Agaric does. But if you're going for a more traditional corporate, governmental, or non-profit job, this may help.

In-person test as part of a job application

It's likely to be timed. Bring a watch or timer, anything that works well for you and can't be banned as a way to look up answers on the Internet.

It's worth asking if there's any restriction on using the Internet, as you'll probably be able to use the Internet in doing your actual job.

Migrating date field content to Drupal 8


All i need?

Yes, if configured exactly right (this is still always trial and error for me)

Writing in ASCIIdoc with Asciidoctor for easy creation of book-quality PDFs

Note: I'm doing this because Leanpub (like appears to be keeping proprietary the software for generating PDFs, ePub, Mobi etc from their open standard Markua. At least i couldn't find anything searching 'publish "markua" to PDF'. And Leanpub charges $99 to start writing a book with their toolset.

I followed the Debian instructions at

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