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The disappearing "You have unsaved changes" message Drupal 8 is frustratingly disruptive

Is this happening to other people or just me? The "You have unsaved changes" message that shows up, and then disappears Drupal 8, disrupting you while you're trying to make further configuration edits.

This has been really annoying on view mode configuration pages: Drag a field from disabled to displayed, and before you can click on the field to configure it, the message pops up and pushes the content of the page down. Then when you adjust and click the settings dropdown, the message goes away, and it closes your dropdown and moves what you're configuring out from under you again.

Could not find anyone else complaining about this:

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disappearing "You have unsaved changes" message Drupal 8 drupal alert message pops up goes away making continued configuration actions hard or impossible to continue


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