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The disappearing "You have unsaved changes" message Drupal 8 is frustratingly disruptive

Is this happening to other people or just me? The "You have unsaved changes" message that shows up, and then disappears Drupal 8, disrupting you while you're trying to make further configuration edits.

Administrator Experience for Drupal: Skip Confirmation for Deletion of Less Important Items

CS would like a module that lets you set in which places you want to be required to confirm delete and which places should just let you delete.

  • Menu items-- don't make me confirm
  • Content-- make sure

I don't think the confirm form is necessary to present cross-site scripting-- that's in the token with the form (or delete link— that might be an easy way to do this, change one or the other to links so you can visually see if you're getting a confirmation or not, and maybe think twice faster).

How to add new contextual links

We may want to do this for a present project, and in any case i wanted to flag one of the coolest things in Drupal 7,
Adding new contextual links:

See also

Drupal (Site Builder) Usability module

the Drupal usability module, Book module edition:

move Book module's Add child page link to the action links location.

make an Add book action item (or items if multiple content types are enabled) to the book listing page at admin/content/book

Content Gallery

actually, you'd want to see an example of one entity of each entity type per build mode! All conveniently linking to the respective manage displays page.

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