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Ubuntu Usability

  • The mouse should not disappear off the screen, ever. Makes it very hard to orient by zipping it to one corner, because it disappears. This is literally covered in usability 101 - buttons on the sides of a screen can get infinite size for free. (Note: current problems here may be the result of the dual monitor setup. #firstworldproblems)
  • Unity's start menu thing opens to cartoonishly big icons and font, but the default size for the rather important x (close) and expand buttons on the menu bar are miniscule.

Unsubscribe page options

Finally a site that gets the "unsubscribe" link right-- providing the opportunity to change the e-mail address instead, or change settings. The "Stay On Mailing List" button at the top is a bit obnoxious, and redundant with the "Don't adjust my subscription" option a little farther down, but other than that, this is a model unsubscribe / e-mail preferences page.

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Core Form Messages to AJAXify

Messages to AJAXify with a helper module to

Error messages to AJAXify-- why wait until you submit the form to know this?

The first ones are relevant
* "The username cannot contain multiple spaces in a row."
* username taken (both these handled by )
* optional duplicate title warning

Drupal (Site Builder) Usability module

the Drupal usability module, Book module edition:

move Book module's Add child page link to the action links location.

make an Add book action item (or items if multiple content types are enabled) to the book listing page at admin/content/book

Content Gallery

actually, you'd want to see an example of one entity of each entity type per build mode! All conveniently linking to the respective manage displays page.

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