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Seeing donor information on WePay

This is not a technical post— simply how to navigate the WePay site to see the e-mail addresses of who has donated to you. It is not intuitive.

First log in.

If you have more than one account, they are all listed. Select the one that you are interested in.

Press the full-line link about donations pointed to here:

Then press the tab called Donors pointed to here:

Removing book navigation

Remove book entirely, with hook_page_alter()

Add Book Module Style Next & Previous Links to non-book content


This should be the only time i do this on data, but the solution to this is in the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7– buy it! It's in the Other 90% chapter.


Adding next & previous links for node types within taxonomy terms (e.g. Image Galleries)

Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts

I've been using Ubuntu part time and it took me forever to find these critically useful navigation-aiding shortcuts:

ctrl option [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops

ctrl option shift [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops taking the active window with you

option tab (and option shift tab) cycle through the open windows on a desktop in most recently used (and reverse) order.

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