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Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts

I've been using Ubuntu part time and it took me forever to find these critically useful navigation-aiding shortcuts:

ctrl option [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops

ctrl option shift [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops taking the active window with you

option tab (and option shift tab) cycle through the open windows on a desktop in most recently used (and reverse) order.

What are your git shortcuts? Here are mine.

Two whole words were too much for me for the commonly used git commands, so i created three-letter aliases.

Maybe if we share, we won't be utterly useless if we are lucky enough to work on one another's machines when we are forced, unready to fly with our stubby three-letter wings, out of our own nests.

Keyboard shortcuts for moving across tabs in the Mac OS X Safari browser

tab navigation shortcuts in Safari
tab previous next keyboard shortcuts safari

Command + Shift + {
Command + Shift + }

Command + Shift + Left arrow and Right arrow work also, most of the time, but not when the focus is in a text area.

Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Drupal Resources and Searches

Inspired by Jody Hamilton's Drupal timesavers I updated and am sharing my Firefox wildcard-enhanced shortcuts to common Drupal-related founts of information. See Adam Ross's post for a file you can import.

Alan Frankel suggests this information begin with how to create a keyword shortcut in the first place:

(1) Go to "Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks".

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