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Drupal Development

Enabling and disabling modules based on environment

A drush command. Text file with modules to enable on dev, and then run it manually or somehow automatically.

drush? make text file with all the modules and git it to drush pm_enable

If we have a defined practice for environment-specific module enabling/disabling and i'd love to disable views_ui, update, etc. on live

It would be run after sync commands-- pull data from live, but then enable update on the test site, and all site building modules on dev

Setting parts of complex (nested) variables with Features

The biggest problem is likely complex variables in the variable table (nested arrays which become serialized). Here is a solution for changing only part of a complex variable: (if this doesn't work or is awkward, i have a similar solution that i can dig up, but i believe mine is less robust).

I think drupal_array_merge_deep() may be the function we want to use in these cases.

complex view example

$view = new view;
$view->name = 'contributions';
$view->description = 'Articles and Commentary';
$view->tag = 'content type';
$view->view_php = '';
$view->base_table = 'node';
$view->is_cacheable = FALSE;
$view->api_version = 2;
$view->disabled = FALSE; /* Edit this to true to make a default view disabled initially */
$handler = $view->new_display('default', 'Defaults', 'default');
$handler->override_option('fields', array(
'nid' => array(
'label' => 'Nid',

Jamaica Plain Meetup in Roxbury reportback

Report-back on Jamaica Plain Drupal Café.

I tried to sell everybody on funding Decisionmaking API. No checks were handed over on the spot.

Question came up about handling large vocabularies, and I referred the questioners to the modules of Simon Rycroft:

Checkout a specific revision of a file with Git

git checkout abcde file/to/restore


How do I reset/revert a specific file to a specific revision using Git?


E-mails being sent or nodes being saved by batch api breaking on a regular schedule just during cron runs

If you are having weird problems in Batch API processes, such as the base URL for notification e-mails being replaced with something less-than-useful like /var/www/drupal, the culprit may be (somehow) cron.php being called by a command line script (rather than curl or something going to cron.php over the internet).

MetroWest Drupal Meetup

A good meetup and a stellar example of Drupal free association. We started with a look at how to do recurring, role-enhancing subscription payments with Ubercart because Scott McCabe as well as Dan was at that point in a sight, we were all distracted by something shiny – Views theming I think – and things flowed from there. Some introductions of some latecomers, a very brief RDF/RDFa reportback while loading a modules page, and we got back to configuring products just about when the library was throwing us out.


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