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Developer Experience (DX)

Enabling and disabling modules based on environment

A drush command. Text file with modules to enable on dev, and then run it manually or somehow automatically.

drush? make text file with all the modules and git it to drush pm_enable

If we have a defined practice for environment-specific module enabling/disabling and i'd love to disable views_ui, update, etc. on live

It would be run after sync commands-- pull data from live, but then enable update on the test site, and all site building modules on dev

Agile for Drupal core: within-major-version API additions as a key element to the Drupal Developer Experience (DX)

We (the Drupal community) cannot expect webchick to look even once at anything that isn't truly needed for D7's release at this point.

But i think we cannot tell exportables and other developer experience issues to go to hell for the next year or three either.

Features re-export / download; meaningless warning message?

The following overridden view(s) are provided by other modules: highlight. To resolve this problem either revert each view or clone each view so that modified versions can be exported withy our feature.

Features appears to be unaware that it is the very feature i am exporting that is the module that provides the View highlight.

Exporting the feature again worked fine.

More info on the general process of re-exporting features:

If no new components are added:

drush fu features_example

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