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Stefan Freudenberg

Configure Memcache on a Drupal site

This has to be done for each site. This is after installing Memcache on your server.

Memcache module

Then, in settings.php, add:

You cannot reassign an object in a function and expect the outside object to change

Stefan found a bug introduced in a contributed module when the authors took a passed-in object and, instead of only updating its properties as before, tried to change it by assigning a whole new object to the variable name.

This does not work:

Manual update of git-deployed Agaric production site

For a project named (and with the repository and server user name) 'example'.

cd example
git pull

For the git pull to work your public key must be in /home/vlad/.ssh/authorized_keys on the test server ( You can get this value from /home/yourusername/.ssh/authorized_keys. (@Stefan can we in some way give people with access to simone access to use it as the vlad user automatically?)

Building Beauty presentation documentation and links

The Site

  • Horizontal continuum for all sections
  • Press request and access functionality with Organic Groups
  • Complex, structured project content type
  • News, press releases, etc.
  • Events listing
  • About Daniel Libeskind section, including sub-project listing with galleries
  • Project, one-by-one galleries
  • PDF Generator
  • Mobile version ...including for BlackBerry

Re-starting the Ruby bot

Stefan graced the Agaric chat room with a Ruby bot that reports when commits are made. Sometimes it stops working (tries to rejoin the chat room, dies immediately) and it can be fixed by ending the Ruby process and starting it again.

sudo su
su stefan
top  # identify the ruby process or processes (PID), for this say it is 12345
kill -9 12345
rbot & disown

CTags and Vim

Thanks in part to


(If not already installed: sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags)

ctags -R -f ctagstags --languages=php .

In .vimrc,

set tags=ctagstags;/

In .bashrc

Installing NetBeans 7 on Ubuntu 11.10

Install the prerequisites via the command line:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre

Note: This will take a while and you will have to respond yes ("y") to the questions.

Then download Netbeans from their site and run the installer. We use the PHP only version.

Note: the installer will probably be located in /home/[username]/Downloads. To run you may need to cd to the Downloads directory, change the permissions using the chmod command, and then run with "./[installer_name]".

Updating your Rakefile and syncing content

As when working on any Agaric project that may not have had maintenance done on it in a while, update the Rakefile to be in line with current processes.

First, make sure your Vlad checkout is up-to-date. Go to it cd ~/vlad (in my case, i symlinked Vlad's true location to my home folder so he can find it. On my system Vlad's true location is /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/i686-linux/vlad/) and git pull.

cd ~/code/projectname
mv Rakefile RakefileOLD
cp /home/ben/vlad/Rakefile Rakefile
diff -up

Enhance your prompt with git information

Git provides a series of enhancements for the bash prompt. It can display the current branch when inside a working copy. Here's an example from my machine:
{syntaxhighlighter brush: bash; gutter: false}
stefan@debian:~/Documents/Projects/Drupal/test(master *)$
It shows the branch name and indicates by an asterisk that I have uncommitted changes.

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