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Manual update of git-deployed Agaric production site

For a project named (and with the repository and server user name) 'example'.

cd example
git pull

For the git pull to work your public key must be in /home/vlad/.ssh/authorized_keys on the test server ( You can get this value from /home/yourusername/.ssh/authorized_keys. (@Stefan can we in some way give people with access to simone access to use it as the vlad user automatically?)

Remember that if you are using a virtual machine you must have "ForwardAgent yes" in enough ~/.ssh/config files or have the VM's public key in the example account's .ssh/authorized_keys file.

Note that for reasons of user agent forwarding that i do not entirely follow, you cannot ssh in as root or something and then switch user to example, you have to ssh in as example from the git-go.

Stefan set it up so that every new project gets our ssh keys, the trick is we have to log in as it for it to be able to talk to git on the development server.

Elegant perhaps but can be frustrating to jump through the right hoops in the right order. Not using git for deployment anymore would solve all of this.

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