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Updating your Rakefile and syncing content

As when working on any Agaric project that may not have had maintenance done on it in a while, update the Rakefile to be in line with current processes.

First, make sure your Vlad checkout is up-to-date. Go to it cd ~/vlad (in my case, i symlinked Vlad's true location to my home folder so he can find it. On my system Vlad's true location is /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/i686-linux/vlad/) and git pull.

cd ~/code/projectname
mv Rakefile RakefileOLD
cp /home/ben/vlad/Rakefile Rakefile
diff -up

undefined method `set' for main:Object

When attempting to use, on a newly set up Ubuntu environment, the Vlad the Deployer scripts that Stefan set up for Agaric, i got this error:

undefined method `set' for main:Object

Turned out the need to install vlad (a rubygem) was properly documented on Deploying the Agaric Way already, and now has been added to our Installing Drubuntu document (which should probably be renamed installing Drubuntu the Agaric way...)

Remote drush commands

How we would probably want this to work is that "rake prod vlad:drush XXX" call "ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal XXX"

For instance: ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal enable bad_judgement

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