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Media module should use Views for Administration

Media module should at least come with proper Views integration and a number of default views for administration, probably making use of Views Bulk Operations.

This can be pure progressive enhancement, the code weight is in separate files and the rare person who does not have Views can use the much weaker administration pages Media currently has.

Listing content that belongs to a union or intersection of taxonomy terms in Drupal 7

There's a major regression in Drupal 7 compared to Drupal 6: the taxonomy/term/1,2,3 and taxonomy/term/1+2+3 style listing pages no longer work, coldly replying page not found.

This is very sad:

My naive issue 'hey we missed this'

See Drupal 7 permissions internal system names

Asked in IRC #drupal

has anyone made a Drupal 7 module for seeing the system names for all permissions? (now the Permissions UI uses human-friendly names and descriptions)

No response.

Update: This has been incorporated into Xray.

Remote drush commands

How we would probably want this to work is that "rake prod vlad:drush XXX" call "ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal XXX"

For instance: ssh prodservername drush -r /path/to/project/drupal enable bad_judgement

Drupal wish: Configuration setting to make all content types default to create new revision

Update: All this is superseded by an existing module,

Requests for this feature go all the way back to the days of Drupal 4.6, at the least:

create new revision by default
(4.6 era post!)

This feature remains wanted-- here is the manual instructions, for!

Making changes to a nested array that may have arrays or strings in some values

Pulled this from the test module for the new RDF module we're putting in Drupal core.

// dealing with a nested array where the top level can be a string or an
// array is complex and helper functions may be a good addition

  rdf_mapping_alter_create('rdf_test_container', 'title', )

Find out what sites directory Drupal is currently using

The answer is conf_path().

The backstory is we are making a new 'modules', 'themes', or 'files' level folder inside sites/whatever: 'config', to store configuration settings in files.

This would be the ultimate way to get a listing of all ini files in modules, and could do the same thing for 'config' -- this grabs from the currently in use sites directory (such as sites/default) as well as sites/all, profiles, and the built-in modules directory:

drupal_system_listing('.ini$', 'modules', 'name', 0);

Enter the Unholy: Microsoft Word to the Web

Summary of the issue below, and then the beginnings of a search for a solution.

Currently TinyMCE with the WYSIWYG API is in use.

Problems with the wysywg editor, which is a life or death issue for the site.

Problem 1: gibberish code inserted after cut and paste from Word
Problem 2: arbitrary line breaks inserted into text – they are invisible in the editor, visible in preview and in publish, but are not at all fixable by using the editor.

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