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Media module should use Views for Administration

Media module should at least come with proper Views integration and a number of default views for administration, probably making use of Views Bulk Operations.

This can be pure progressive enhancement, the code weight is in separate files and the rare person who does not have Views can use the much weaker administration pages Media currently has.

Media styles workaround (extremely fragmented notes)

Summary of What's Working

 * Define additional view modes for Media formatting.
function feature_media_configuration_entity_info_alter(&$entity_info) {
  // Based on RobW's code:
  // Media module only recognizes view modes with the prefix media_.
  // View mode for mobile slideshow images

Media module does not allow the filling out of extra fields when adding or uploading media

Oh, Media module. The adding a text field such as for caption or credit works, the field is attached, but you need to go to admin/content/media and edit an uploaded file to add any information there.

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