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Media module does not allow the filling out of extra fields when adding or uploading media

Oh, Media module. The adding a text field such as for caption or credit works, the field is attached, but you need to go to admin/content/media and edit an uploaded file to add any information there.

  1. The obvious approach, tackle the issue to make media entity fields show up on upload and WYSIWYG add forms which no-one else has touched:
  2. Alternatively, create a perhaps superior user interface where the content manager can add and edit the captions to a batch of uploaded files in one go, using the module.

I don't think leaving things as-is is really acceptable, but bottom line is the content manager can edit the credit line for images and videos etc, and we can automate the proper presentation.

Someone else finding out the bad news: "When I upload any sort of media (using the file widget or the media selector widget) there is no additional "author" field to fill out." Then he says, never mind: "Go to this screen: admin/content/media. It lists all your uploaded media with an 'edit' link that lets you edit your custom media fields." But he knows that's a rotten work-around.

The developer documentation:

Ah. It is a known desire with zero patches on a 35 post issue:

Fill in the available fields when creating media in the WYSIWYG

Same complaint: "I see that I can add fields each entity type at "admin/config/media/types/manage/image/fields" but how do I USE those fields?" (How does one add fields to Media entitities

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