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Create vocabulary and taxonomy terms in an installation profile

The first part is provided by the default installation profile:

Listing content that belongs to a union or intersection of taxonomy terms in Drupal 7

There's a major regression in Drupal 7 compared to Drupal 6: the taxonomy/term/1,2,3 and taxonomy/term/1+2+3 style listing pages no longer work, coldly replying page not found.

This is very sad:

My naive issue 'hey we missed this'

Change the vocabulary of a taxonomy term in Drupal 7 using the database

By clicking the wrong Add terms link, i managed to add a couple terms to the wrong vocabulary.

One of the powerful things about taxonomy is that all terms are really equals under the hood, no matter what vocabulary they belong to. Unfortunately, Drupal does not make this power available through the UI. We can, however,

Clean up and rationalize Drupal core Taxonomy Term Add and Edit form

I can't believe no one has done this!

Simplify the taxonomy interface for administrators by removing the taxonomy related terms box...

drupal taxonomy hide related terms
drupal form tweaks remove related terms

The commit message upon completion...

"Clean taxonomy term add / edit form by removing related terms and moving parents from the closed advanced fieldset to the open identification fieldset if the vocabulary has already been made hierarchical."

And the code:

Vocabulary Per User, New Taxonomy Module in the works by George Cassie

every user has their own vocabulary

so you can show, but disabled-- see what everyone else has been tagging a node with


Ontology module of SCF early candidate for contribution to

Ontology module in SCF profile's custom modules directory, originally authored by Mark Goetz, is very close to ready to be committed to It relies on Taxonomy extra (taxonomy_extra) module, originally by Alister Lewis-Bowen, and also in SCF profile's custom modules.

Make the (presently undeclared) dependency on graphbrowser module optional.

Create a similar optional dependency on gene_ontology (or move both these additions of data out of the hack of being added on the theme layer).

Term Fields rejected for SCF

While we prefer to use existing modules rather than create custom ones whenever possible, the specific needs for storing additional Gene Ontology data with Drupal (multiple kinds of relationships between terms) and the functionality of Term Fields module did not match up.

Furthermore, Term Fields:

DrupalConDC Community Supported Agriculture birds of a feather

Community Supported Agriculture
17 people here.

Who is interested in building the tools, and who just in deploying them?

Filter it through recipe suggestions.

Any CSA with capital resources?

About 2,000 CSAs in the U.S. About half, maybe, have web sites. Most do not have interactivity-- many have probably paid a chunk of money on this.

Do most CSAs have work shares? That's a coordination problem for farmers, dealing with these

Me: a distribution versus a site?

A CSA profile is fine with me -- you can deploy as many as you want.

Form User Interface for very large taxonomy trees with multiple select

We have a tricky user interface problem for taxonomy.

We have a very large hierarchical vocabulary, and multiple terms can be selected.

Currently the tree is much too large to reasonably navigate and control-click, control-click the terms one-by-one without a disastrous mistake

As it stands now SCF's project manager would prefer a type-ahead completion like free tagging terms get.


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