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Jamaica Plain Meetup in Roxbury reportback

Report-back on Jamaica Plain Drupal Café.

I tried to sell everybody on funding Decisionmaking API. No checks were handed over on the spot.

Question came up about handling large vocabularies, and I referred the questioners to the modules of Simon Rycroft:

MetroWest Drupal Meetup

A good meetup and a stellar example of Drupal free association. We started with a look at how to do recurring, role-enhancing subscription payments with Ubercart because Scott McCabe as well as Dan was at that point in a sight, we were all distracted by something shiny – Views theming I think – and things flowed from there. Some introductions of some latecomers, a very brief RDF/RDFa reportback while loading a modules page, and we got back to configuring products just about when the library was throwing us out.


PHP knowledge resources used at Agaric

The big one, itself has an excellent function search such that if you simply append the function name to the url (such as, it will serve up the PHP manual page with the specification and notes right away-- and if you use a function name that doesn't exist, it will provide a range of suggestions you might have meant.

Query about inclusion of all-income Drupalers at DrupalCon Paris

[Sent via the contact form]

This question is about scholarship / support information for attendees. I note that such efforts do not have to be organized by the DrupalCon Paris organizers, but you will necessarily be a key point of coordination in any case.

Are you aware of any specific attempts at inclusion at DrupalCon Paris? In the European context this can especially mean reaching out to Drupalers in Africa, Asia, Middle East, India etc.

May Western Mass Drupal Meetup Notes

Here is a breif outline of what I went over

Feed API module as a use case
setting up feeds
-linking to content types
-mapping fields
-views integration
setting up a point and click blog site with google reader, and things like it


Patterns module
Creating or Writing Patterns documentation

The more modules that allow exportable configuration for use like this, the better, and the easier it will be to use DBScripts to do the rest.


Curses: array_merge_recursive doesn't behave as hoped, it creates arrays for matching strings

The PHP function doesn't do what I'd hoped. Instead of merely combining nested arrays if it finds them, it creates arrays for values with matching strings.

In the output below uid and biblio_type should be a single, the last-added, value, not an array of a couple values.

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