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May Western Mass Drupal Meetup Notes

Here is a breif outline of what I went over

Feed API module as a use case
setting up feeds
-linking to content types
-mapping fields
-views integration
setting up a point and click blog site with google reader, and things like it

Your mom likes IE6!

Your mom likes IE6. It is true. Most likely, it is because it is all she knows. So, to all the mom's out there, we love you and appreciate all you have done. We would just appreciate it more if you changed your browser and upgraded to Firefox. But, we would settle for IE8, even IE7.

Taking it to that level with cufon

So you've got yourself a solid drupal theme, and now you're sitting back looking at your work and thinking that it's good, but it could still be taken to that level.

Well, replacing some titles, basically some h1s and h2s with custom rendered fonts is one way to get it there, and using cufon is the answer. Sure, you could use the Dynamic Rendering module and sifr and do pretty much the same thing, but c'mon, cufon just sounds cooler than sifr... and it'll only take you about ten minutes to do this

and we all know quick and easy is the answer...

Using jQuery to auto select text in a field

So you've custom themed a search bar into your brand spanking new custom theme using my handy tutorial covering that topic (

Panels2 and Organic Groups

So you want to use drupal's Organic Groups module and Panels2 because you've heard through the grapevine that really slick and useful things can be done with the combo..


Well, here's what one of the experts has to say about it -->

highly recommended and very useful...

do it!

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