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Simplify Drupal by Building Core Features with Building Blocks

It takes a very long (and enlightening and entertaining and informative) article to get there, but Jeff Eaton makes the key point which i think we all know in Drupal but can have trouble expressing. This is the key big picture for very many of our Drupal 8 initiatives:

Remember to add and commit before pushing a new

Just created a new sandbox project, and try to push it to d.o:
git push origin master

error: src refspec master does not match any.

When you are putting a new project on means you haven't committed anything yet!

git init is not enough, heh.

(Yes, i googled this before figuring thisout, so if that's how you got here, you are not alone)

Views 2 Theming - The Presentation

the slides for my presentation on Views2 Theming given at design 4 drupal at the MIT Stata Center on June 13th, 2009 in room 141....

May Western Mass Drupal Meetup Notes

Here is a breif outline of what I went over

Feed API module as a use case
setting up feeds
-linking to content types
-mapping fields
-views integration
setting up a point and click blog site with google reader, and things like it

Drupal in the NY Times

Here' a link to an article in the NY Times about Drupal. These sort of things are good indicators that we're on the right track....

Learning Drupal by Helping Others Learn Drupal: Doing Documentation on

Coming from the best ways to learn are by doing and teaching school of thought, Agaric encourages anyone interested in getting better at Drupal or getting more involved with Drupal to attend Add1sun's January Documentation Challenge, Saturday's at 1 p.m. EST in the #drupal-docs room on IRC.

Drupal Meetup Etiquette

I've been working with drupal and have been a part of the community for a fews years now. Although I may not be the most active member around, I have attended a decent amount of drupal meetups all over Massachusetts and New York City. I've seen what works, and I've seen what doesn't, the reason for this post is to state my opinion on what the purpose and goal of a meetup should be, and how it should be conducted.

Blogging to Drupal with Flock

It's easy to set up Flock to blog to your Drupal site (or your blog on some huge community Drupal site!)

There's probably more than one way to set the settings (such as by clicking self-hosted blog under Blogging in the Accounts and Services sidebar), but here's one direct way that worked for Agaric:

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