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End-user, non-administrator or day-to-day administrator Drupal tasks.

How to Unpublish Content

Gus helped a client who wanted a quotation to no longer appear in the rotation for a random quotation block.

Dear client,

Yes, you can delete the quote. Though you probably would simply want to unpublish the quote instead of deleting it. This way you can use the quote in the future without having to re-enter it. If you go here:

Planning a DrupalCamp and Code Sprint

Introductory Blurb

Modeled on BarCamp unconferences, a DrupalCamp is learning sessions, discussion, workshops, and code sprints for the free software content management system Drupal. Anyone can present and everyone is welcome. The schedule of sessions is decided in the morning on each day, but we do encourage people to post what they would like to say or hear to gauge interest and encourage coordination.

This first general camp, DrupalCampBoston1, will feature a practical , immediately benefiting Open Media Boston and Boston Indymedia.


DrupalConDC Selling Drupal Services

The way that you deliver is as/more important than what you deliver.

We sell comfort. We make our customers feel good.

How many send a note after the first meeting? How many handwritten?

Attention to detail that you notice when you're selling your business.

We tell them:

Remember to pay attention to timestamps for anything you send to RSS

Timestamps matter for content you push to RSS, especially feeds that are picked up by an aggregator.

This is another Agaric lesson brought to you by real lifeTM experience. I started a blog post a week ago, saved it as an unpublished draft, and then finished it recently, published it, and added the "Drupal Planet" tag that is registered to get picked up by Drupal Planet. The post promptly appeared on page five or six of the aggregation pages with the week-old content!


Giving more people the power to approve subscriptions or memberships to a group

Client request, regarding a an e-mail for subscription requests to 'Example Mentors' from 'newusername' which she received through the site:

Can Drupal scale to 100 users?

I was talking about SCF and Drupal yesterday with someone I'm working with on another project, and he said he finds Drupal difficult to scale. He thinks that it's not capable of handling more than 100 users. If that's true, that would be a major concern for [our project]. What has been your experience regarding scaling issues with Drupal?

My first response to that was in internet-speak: LOL.

Then I recovered my professional self:

Get to the login screen of a Drupal site: /user

To go to the log-in form on most any Drupal site, simply add /user to the base URL.

So for the site, visit and if it is Drupal you should be presented with the sign-in form, plus tabs to send a replacement password by e-mail and possibly to register to create a new account.

If the site does not have clean URLs enabled (which you can see if you visit other pages), you will have to include ?q= in your path:

Using Ubiquity to post notes to Drupal

Good instructions for a particular method here:

Followed but not currently using because of after installing the command by phoque command Ubiquity threw (apparently harmless) errors, and the process for modifying blog URLs was not clear (as in, even just listing the ones you've entered).

Print name and filename of the top-most file attached to a Drupal post

This is very much a hack, as it puts far too much database loading and PHP logic not even in the theme layer, but worse, embedded in the content itself. A better version might use the theme layer to make the $filename and other such variables available to certain content types with files attached, for instance.

For now... here's the hacky way. But first, some of the research to get us there:

php get first element of array

How to put CCK fields into groups in Drupal 6

It's too simple for us old-school developers. (It took three of us a half hour to figure out at DrupalCampNYC.)

After creating both groups and some regular fields, you – get ready – drag and drop the regular field inside the group (or fieldset).


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