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Working the Web: Start and grow an online presence - workshop proposal for Boston Skillshare

Proposed for the 2010 Boston Skillshare,

workshop title Start and grow an online presence
short name Working the Web

Benjamin Melançon and others from Agaric Design Collective

Learn how to start a free, cheap, or expensive web site; learn how to increase what you can do on the web; learn basic online strategy and resources available.

Get to the login screen of a Drupal site: /user

To go to the log-in form on most any Drupal site, simply add /user to the base URL.

So for the site, visit and if it is Drupal you should be presented with the sign-in form, plus tabs to send a replacement password by e-mail and possibly to register to create a new account.

If the site does not have clean URLs enabled (which you can see if you visit other pages), you will have to include ?q= in your path:

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