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Working the Web: Start and grow an online presence - workshop proposal for Boston Skillshare

Proposed for the 2010 Boston Skillshare,

workshop title Start and grow an online presence
short name Working the Web

Benjamin Melançon and others from Agaric Design Collective

Learn how to start a free, cheap, or expensive web site; learn how to increase what you can do on the web; learn basic online strategy and resources available.

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) web accessibility tool and resource; may be better than W3C

From one of our favorite clients, regarding a capability on which we need to greatly improve:

hi again... i dont remember if i sent this to you before, but i just had a whole meeting for the past hour about web accessibility and making video files/podcasts etc. accessible to people with disabilities.... this site, it doesnt pick up video stuff, but its super helpful in letting you know how compliant any website is with accessibility standards ....

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