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Blazing Fast Design Tips

  • Get a Wacom tablet, find one for $50 or under.

There are a lot of developers

The truth is clients are very visually attuned

start with something white and clean or beige and clean
pick one or two strong fonts

that's all there is to web design, that's

I'm trying to make a blog, there's not much to this layout

all i did was sit down, and choose a certain font

Chepperol Pro

Scott Mursey, taking down the

get a litany of shops for free.

Typography session by Samantha Warren



Archer - an excellent, versatile font based on Rockwell. She calls it the Converse All Stars of fonts.

Typography example page for Drupal sites

Typography test page, such as here:

People are operating off a template pasted into a node, it seems, and while copying the source should work fine there must be the original example and it could be made a module :-)

Update: I've done a simple version of this module.

Typography resources

Periodic Table of Typefaces. [mostly for fun] - a Zen subtheme with the Mark Boulton touch. [I have to confess I don't get what's so much better]

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