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Checklist module and/or site

Agaric wants Drupal-native (or Redmine/Chiliproject) checklist storage, sharing, and use for things like the not-yet-ultimate web site development and deployment checklist.

The Drupal 7 road map of Checklist module looks very helpful but it is moving slowly.

The ability to have tasks link to how-tos, to be able to share and re-use lists, with user or project-specific tweaks, would be fantastic.

Business Idea: Restaurant/Diner Where Wait Staff Decide What You Need That Day

I think on the very high end this is done, where instead of picking anything you get a multicourse meal. (I may be wrong, i've never been to a place that fancy.) A diner or basic restaurant, though, where you don't get to make the choice, but the wait person or cook decides what it looks like you need, could have some

If only the indecisive could be counted on to decide to go anywhere...

A bookmarklet that creates a summary of the document from HTML headers

Wouldn't that be cool? Shouldn't be too difficult; probably JQuery plugins already.

To add to Bangpound's feature list:

Live collection of Firefox Extensions

For Daniel Kudwein (sun) - including the extension that makes this collection...

RDF for relationship between chapters and authors

is there an RDF relationship to give between author profiles and chapters? Chapters have a node reference field to authors.

best is to use sioc:has_creator

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