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Measure CSS rendering time

The Net in Firebug can do this.

Enable it, reload the page, and click on the CSS subtab.

There are two values you can look as the render completion times, the thin red and thin blue lines, compared to the end of the loading of actual files. DOMContentLoaded is the vertical blue line and load is represented by the vertical red line.

You can see the exact values by hovering over any request. (See screenshot.)

Live collection of Firefox Extensions

For Daniel Kudwein (sun) - including the extension that makes this collection...

I want to just disable the alt (option) arrow as browser back one page behavior

i never press backspace by accident in a form, but i am used to option left arrow moving back one word at a time, not having the whole page go back. The benefit of backspace is that it works like a backspace when you are in a form element. The damn alt left arrow thing makes you go back no matter what you're doing on a page.

Not an answer:

Super-annoying Firefox fail on Mac OS X when any kind of JavaScript alert occurs while print or save dialog is open

A mozilla magazine forum poster, gensym, described it well on March 8th, 2010:

A concrete example is when the "extended running time of a script" is caused by (or triggered while) a File Save dialog is open: the unresponsive script warning dialog will then pop up logically _behind_ the File Save dialog (at least in Mac OS X, panther (10.3) through leopard (10.5)).

Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Drupal Resources and Searches

Inspired by Jody Hamilton's Drupal timesavers I updated and am sharing my Firefox wildcard-enhanced shortcuts to common Drupal-related founts of information. See Adam Ross's post for a file you can import.

Alan Frankel suggests this information begin with how to create a keyword shortcut in the first place:

(1) Go to "Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks".

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