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Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Drupal Resources and Searches

Inspired by Jody Hamilton's Drupal timesavers I updated and am sharing my Firefox wildcard-enhanced shortcuts to common Drupal-related founts of information. See Adam Ross's post for a file you can import.

Alan Frankel suggests this information begin with how to create a keyword shortcut in the first place:

(1) Go to "Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks".

(2) Recommended but optional: create a folder called "Keyword Shortcuts" that will hold all the keyword shortcuts you create.

(3) Choose "New Bookmark".

(4) Now fill in the "Name", "Location", and "Keyword" fields as indicated in the instructions [below]. There's also a "Description" field that will help you remember the purpose of the shortcut.

(5) If you have created a folder called "Keyword Shortcuts", move your new shortcut into this folder.

These are all in the order:

Name (a title which really doesn't matter)
Location (the URL with wildcard)
Keyword (what you type in the address bar to access the shortcut)
Optionally, a description.

Drupal 7 API Search

Drupal 6 API Search

Drupal project link (Go to Drupal page of named project)

Drupal Project Issues

data.agaric search
as search
Usage: ds <search term>. Use Drupal's Apache Solr-based site search to look for stuff.

Drupal core issues search

Change Form post to Get
javascript:(function(){var x,i; x = document.forms; for (i = 0; i < x.length; ++i) x[i].method=%22get%22; alert(%22Changed %22 + x.length + %22 forms to use the GET method. After submitting a form from this page, you should be able to bookmark the result.%22); })();

This one's not a keyword shortcut, you have to click it. It's lifted directly from this comment by John on exposing Post forms as Get forms. Unfortunately the search box on does not work as a GET form.

Side note: You can edit a bookmark by clicking either the "Properties" or the "Rename" buttons. When editing you may have to click "more" to see the keyword field.

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