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I want to just disable the alt (option) arrow as browser back one page behavior

i never press backspace by accident in a form, but i am used to option left arrow moving back one word at a time, not having the whole page go back. The benefit of backspace is that it works like a backspace when you are in a form element. The damn alt left arrow thing makes you go back no matter what you're doing on a page.

Not an answer:

Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Drupal Resources and Searches

Inspired by Jody Hamilton's Drupal timesavers I updated and am sharing my Firefox wildcard-enhanced shortcuts to common Drupal-related founts of information. See Adam Ross's post for a file you can import.

Alan Frankel suggests this information begin with how to create a keyword shortcut in the first place:

(1) Go to "Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks".

Firefox Shortcut for Searching Drupal's API

This is out of date, see

Update: Grayside has an HTML file you can download and import into Firefox from the Organize Bookmarks dialog with more up-to-date versions of the below and more:

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