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Mac OS X

Screenshot shortcuts in Mac OS X

Cmd + Shift + 4 is size your own
Cmd + Option + Shift + 4 is the whole screen

Stefan identified the print an entire application window shortcut:
cmd shift 4 space

Fluid app gotcha: if setting the app to start at a specific page, must allow browsing to other of the site's pages

An internal login confirmation page for a site i wanted to use as an application in Fluid kept opening in a new tab in my default browser.

This seemed an extreme limitation so i started clicking through the preferences. Under Advanced Preferences i found "Allow browsing to URLs matching these patterns" and edited it to allow the entire site.

The problem had been that i made the application go to a specific page of the site as the starting page, and Fluid had used that to make its allowed pages rule.

Super-annoying Firefox fail on Mac OS X when any kind of JavaScript alert occurs while print or save dialog is open

A mozilla magazine forum poster, gensym, described it well on March 8th, 2010:

A concrete example is when the "extended running time of a script" is caused by (or triggered while) a File Save dialog is open: the unresponsive script warning dialog will then pop up logically _behind_ the File Save dialog (at least in Mac OS X, panther (10.3) through leopard (10.5)).

Editing and signing PDFs with free software on Mac OS X

Snow Leopard's Preview can add text but it cannot add an image into a PDF document. I tried.

This free software can:

Once a PDF is opened in FormulatePro (yes it really is fully free and open source despite the name), go to File » Place Image...

MAMP MySQL connection problems

Getting Drupal to connect on MAMP

I had to use the host name instead of localhost, and to provide the non-standard port number.

host: Ebony-II.local
port: 8889

Note: the host name will be whatever your computer calls itself plus .local, you can get it exactly from MAMP's PHPMyAdmin under system variable settings or some such (a huge long list of settings, that is not the run-time settings one).

I changed a line in php.ini --

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