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Format image fields to use the title as a caption printed under the image

There's a module for that:


Found via the module creator's description of why and how... before turning it into a module by popular demand.

The client would like the alt text used also as the hover text now that the title is the caption; the module does not do this... yet.

Assign people a random avatar image when they create a user account

If you want to assign not just a default avatar, but a random default avatar, that is possible with a setting in the Avatar Selection module.

(I almost made a module to allow a random avatar image to be pulled from a set uploaded by the administrator, in fact I was on my way to the Contributed Module Ideas group, but fortunately i kept searching and found this great module by Stella Power that has this random avatar feature as a bonus.)

How to fetch a file at a URL and set it as the default image in an image field

There's two separate cool things here that you might want to do. One, simply know how to save a file from a URL (there's a secret Drupal function for that in system module) and two, how to give an image field a default image when creating it programmatically (that part is outsourced to the fieldhelp module).

Wrapping a link around a renderable array for images in Drupal 7

I was asked a question about theming linked images and gave the wrong answer, that it was a known pain point, but it kept bugging me because i was pretty sure i was not remembering something. The failure of link render arrays i was thinking of is their use in item_list, but in fact there is a secret theme function that can be used to put linked images in a render array properly.

Thanks to the amazing Morbus Iff for documenting using theme_image_formatter in a render array:

Better Image Insert Workflow

A truly slick configuration of Insert and Image Resize Filter would disable insert if the img tag is not available for the selected text format.

Editing and signing PDFs with free software on Mac OS X

Snow Leopard's Preview can add text but it cannot add an image into a PDF document. I tried.

This free software can:

Once a PDF is opened in FormulatePro (yes it really is fully free and open source despite the name), go to File » Place Image...

Ask Agaric: Upload photos and display them on a page with introduction

Hi Ben,

I have some things like photos and some audio files and whatnot I could add to the site.

How do I know where something will end up and how it will be listed on the menus? For some reason I haven't figured that out.

For example, say I want to upload 10 photos from the old contest and want to show them on a page that also has brief text about the last contest. What menu/s will it show up under. Same for a couple of podcast files.

Is it easier for me to just make these entries part of my blog posts?


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