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Agaric wants Drupal photo gallery with mass upload where albums can belong to people who set access per picture

(Note: When the headline is "Agaric wants" it's nearly always benjamin because he's the whiny one.)

Agaric wants Drupal photo galleries (with mass upload capability, of course) where albums can belong to people who set access per picture.

There is definitely a module for Drupal 5 at least that will allow pictures to be uploaded in bulk, such as by FTP, and then processed into image nodes in Drupal.

4GB SD card in a Nikon D50 does not work


I cursed the card that I picked up cheap at instead of my camera

apologies to Taiwan... the 4GB SD card (Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Card) from Taiwan, and more recently Abacus 24-7 didn't work 'cause the Nikon D50 only accepts up to 2GB. Blast.

Note to everyone: don't take a new 4 or 8 GB SD card with your Nikon D50 camera up a gorgeous mountain and expect to be able to take pictures.

Now to get a card reader and use the card as a 4 gigabyte USB thumb drive.


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