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Mindmapping with Freemind

File this under to do– get into mindmapping with Freemind:

OpenOffice Spreadsheet fun

It's April 14, and that means it's time for Ben to start doing his taxes.

Working on a spreadsheet to put in major expenses for

This did not work for reasons unknown.

=SUMIF(D2:D6; 'Household'; C2:C6)

This says it should:

Twitter commands... Get your Tweet on

Use the commands listed below from your phone, the web update box, or your favorite third party application.

Register a channel on IRC

I did this (in the agaric room, but I think it can be done anywhere):

/msg chanserv REGISTER #agaric secretpass AgaricDesignCollectiveChatRoom

And got this:

Change the default application for editing files in Mac OS X

Select a file of the type you want to set a new default application for opening.
Press Command i or select Get Info from the File menu.
Under "Open with" select the application and press Change All.


Clipboard manager with snippets for Ubuntu?

Mac! But not Linux! Clyppan is what i'm using now. Adequate but history-only. See for selected clippings and history.

Glipper, installable through the graphical package manager, is only a clipboard history and isn't doing it for me; it's not even as good as Clyppan.

Make WAMP bend to your will in Windows Vista

So if you've found this you may as well get yourself a cookie now, in fact go and grab a whole box, and you can eat them in bed too, because after you read this your life will change.

Well, at least if you're trying to make WAMPServer run in Windows Vista

Enough talk, here is the crucial info you need, and as you read what is below and eventually get wamp working, know in your heart that you did it The Agaric Way...

Step 1 - find this file

Step 2 - open it

Step 3 - eat a cookie, you deserve it

My Ubuntu Environment

How to set up Ubuntu so it works with Ben's head.

Clipboard history:
sudo apt-get install glipper

Graphical diff/merge tool:
sudo apt-get install meld

More Ubuntu Configuration Tips

from Dan:

CompizConfic: Check off, under extras, Windows Preview, to see the windows when you alt tab.


SWAN presentation to MIT Semantic Web meetup group by Paolo

Our goal: Manage the [scientific knowledge base]

contains 40 statements
including: A claim
which has:
supporting evidence
relationships with other statments in the knowledge base

not a complete RDF graph because we are pruning some information
first level, claims (C)
then in the outside level
H stands for hypothesis

The Golde hypothesis includes a claim which is inconsistent with another claim in the same hypothesis. This suggests something is wrong here.

Conference on Semantics in Health and Life Sciences report-back at Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup

Presented to us by Eric Neumann, Clinical Semantics Group

C-SHALS, this smaller conference, pre-competitive, more interesting public discussion than some other major industry events. Two day event.

Sponsored by pharmaceutical industry.

Gets very exciting, a lot of energy, semantic web but different emphasis.
FriendFeed microblogging. Only downside is understanding it manually, if someone would write a converter to triples...

Allowed vendors to do lightning talks, but not a full 20 minutes.

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