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Access Denied to User 1 in Open Atrium

Access denied on node creation form | Open Atrium Community

"Access Denied" to User 1 consistently | Open Atrium Community

Make WAMP bend to your will in Windows Vista

So if you've found this you may as well get yourself a cookie now, in fact go and grab a whole box, and you can eat them in bed too, because after you read this your life will change.

Well, at least if you're trying to make WAMPServer run in Windows Vista

Enough talk, here is the crucial info you need, and as you read what is below and eventually get wamp working, know in your heart that you did it The Agaric Way...

Step 1 - find this file

Step 2 - open it

Step 3 - eat a cookie, you deserve it

Provide resend password option on duplicate email login error

[Update: Newer versions of the attached below are available. Ask.]

The request came in this form, from my co-Collective member Dan, responding to a call from the executive director of Amazing Things Arts Center:

he said some people forgot what their username was on the site, and now when they're trying to make new accounts it says "email already registered' blah blah blah...

Amazing Things Zing Auction implementation detail fixes

Can anyone figure out why Category module is listing images associated with items (even though the images aren't in the category themselves)?

category module listing images
category module listing attached images of nodes drupal

Very, very strange. If you just click on the image node and edit it and save it, without changing anything, it stops being listed.

If you unpublish the image node, of course, you also get rid of it-- and can still see it in the picture.

But if you click

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