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Open Atrium ability to add existing users to a group

There actually is a way the block to do so is just accidentally not showing up in later versions:

Access Denied to User 1 in Open Atrium

Access denied on node creation form | Open Atrium Community

"Access Denied" to User 1 consistently | Open Atrium Community

How to enable the search box in Open Atrium

It's enabled by default. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper left area of the screen to reveal the form textfield.

Not that I would need to search the web to find an obvious element of the user interface... but really, OA, clicking to be able to type in the text box is a usability fail for something as important as search. The 15x50 pixels are available.

Drupal messages should not disappear before a page load

May i just say how much i hate the apparent alleged feature of Open Atrium of making messages disappear after about three seconds. What the heck is with that? The message was put there for a reason. So i know if i submitted the form already even if i come back after 5 minutes. So that i can read it and understand and maybe even click a link in it.

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