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Prevent LibreOffice/OpenOffice from splitting a string of text on symbols in the text

OpenOffice was insisting on splitting a line a string of text !$has_money between the exclamation point and the dollar sign.

As far as i can tell the only solution is to insert a special character, the "zero-width non-breaking space": U+FEFF.

It's something like fifth from last when using the insert special character dialog.

Drupal messages should not disappear before a page load

May i just say how much i hate the apparent alleged feature of Open Atrium of making messages disappear after about three seconds. What the heck is with that? The message was put there for a reason. So i know if i submitted the form already even if i come back after 5 minutes. So that i can read it and understand and maybe even click a link in it.

Skype malfunction? Non-sensical claim of auto-recharge suspended

This was sent to the e-mail address for and appears to be for my personal account. I have the same $5.98 credit that i've had for months.

Auto-recharge suspended
Unfortunately, we were unable to Auto-recharge your Skype Credit balance as you have reached your monthly spending limit. For fraud prevention purposes we impose restrictions on the amount of Skype Credit you can purchase. We apologize if this has caused you any inconvenience.

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