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Insert the current data and time

No button, but it's pretty slick. Just type the day of the month, slash, and hit enter or tab. There's today's date.

Just type the time, "10:14", and it records it properly as a time.


Prevent LibreOffice/OpenOffice from splitting a string of text on symbols in the text

OpenOffice was insisting on splitting a line a string of text !$has_money between the exclamation point and the dollar sign.

As far as i can tell the only solution is to insert a special character, the "zero-width non-breaking space": U+FEFF.

It's something like fifth from last when using the insert special character dialog.

OpenOffice spell check giving you a clean bill of health for words like asnoteudesaotdiusetoadhus.ocrfpueidh?

It's the language of the document (and quite possibly the default language for documents) not being set to what you actually use and have dictionaries installed for.


Move spreadsheet rows or columns with drag & drop in OpenOffice on Mac OS X

fn control option are the keys to hold down while dragging and dropping to move and insert rows or columns in Open Office Calc on a Mac!

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