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Prevent LibreOffice/OpenOffice from splitting a string of text on symbols in the text

OpenOffice was insisting on splitting a line a string of text !$has_money between the exclamation point and the dollar sign.

As far as i can tell the only solution is to insert a special character, the "zero-width non-breaking space": U+FEFF.

It's something like fifth from last when using the insert special character dialog.

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Possibly-better solution to the wrong-linebreak problem

If you enable Complex Layout in Tools->Options->Language Settings, then on the Insert menu under Special Character... a special option under the "Formatting mark" entry is enabled: from that drop-down menu, you can now choose "No-width no break" and the problem is solved.

For me, it happened to insist that a .44 Magnum should be formatted as "." "44" etc.

(I gleaned this solution after trying (but failing) to find the U+2060 character mentioned here:

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