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Approaches to in-line editing with a few different JavaScript front-end frameworks

Doesn't seem to be a question of the framework, to judge from the lack of anyone asking or answering the question this way...

Installing Etherpad Light on Debian

It's actually called Etherpad Lite but i hate that spelling.

This will be a copy-paste of except for a few things taken from and workarounds when things do not go as planned.

Collaboratively writing e-mail (sharing mail drafts)

A test: I gave one GMail account edit access to another GMail account (yes, you can do this) and started editing an e-mail, saved it as draft, and then went to the other account— the draft was there, but not only was there no autorefresh of the other's changes when i edited simultaneously, but it forked and created two drafts of the same e-mail.

Remove ^M from the end of all lines in a file that some fool edited with a Windows program

Where foo is the file that has the control Ms:

cat foo | col -b > foo2; mv foo2 foo

For instance, to take a likely Drupal example:

cat page.tpl.php | col -b > page.tpl.php.fixed; mv page.tpl.php.fixed page.tpl.php

Alternately, to do a bunch of files at once, use the *nix find command and the more convenient one-command dos2unix line ending changer via the tofrodos package.

Install the prerequisites first if you need to:
sudo apt-get install tofrodos

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