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Keeping Drupal's contextual links working even when the whole content item is linked offsite or triggering a lightbox

We have a site where one content type (publicity, for news items and awards) are listed, but the whole thing is wrapped in an anchor tag and linked to outside content. To prevent leaving the site before the contextual edit link is shown, i did this:

Editing and signing PDFs with free software on Mac OS X

Snow Leopard's Preview can add text but it cannot add an image into a PDF document. I tried.

This free software can:

Once a PDF is opened in FormulatePro (yes it really is fully free and open source despite the name), go to File » Place Image...

Create rewrite rules from new and old URLs using the power of Vim to munge text

As part of the move of Agaric content from to, we needed to create a bunch (1,592 to be precise) redirects that look like this one:

RewriteRule ^nice-menus-drop-down-bug [NC,R=301,L]

Stefan, in his wizardry, had already pulled a tab-separated-value file of the old path to the new URL, so that what we had was:


MarkItUp HTML markup for textareas using JQuery with Drupal WYSIWYG API integration

Note that it is happily not a What You See Is What You Get attempt; it is an aid to putting in HTML / xhtml markup.

This is especially of interest if does not get integrated with WYSIWYG API:

Auto-expand abbreviations in Vim

vim autocomplete, or really, autoexpand abbreviations

All about shortcuts as well as abbreviations:

To set abbreviations only for insert mode (which seems a little safer) add to your .vimrc file (or in Agaric's case, an included .vimrc-agaric file with all our Drupal and other development-specific additions) abbreviations in the format iab abbr abbreviation.

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