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Resources and organizations of interest to Drutopia development

A biased list by Benjamin Melançon. Suggestions and edits welcome.

Drutopia is an initiative to build software for grassroots groups, in part funded and hosted by a platform cooperative.

Keeping Drupal's contextual links working even when the whole content item is linked offsite or triggering a lightbox

We have a site where one content type (publicity, for news items and awards) are listed, but the whole thing is wrapped in an anchor tag and linked to outside content. To prevent leaving the site before the contextual edit link is shown, i did this:

Have menu local tasks (view, edit, etc. tabs) show menu item description as tooltip

Most menu items in Drupal 7 show a link tool-tip, or title, but local tasks (the tabs you are most used to seeing as the edit link tab on full node pages sadly do not follow this sensible pattern.

Until Drupal core is fixed so that menu item "description" is applied to title attribute of menu tab links", here is a fix for Drupal 7. Change this to your custom theme's name (replace 'example') and drop into your theme's template.php file:

Available role: A module for Drupal to allow users to choose which roles permitted to them they currently use

When developing a site it is well known you need to log in as different users to properly test functionality, or you will always be surprised by incorrectly-configured permissions.

However, it should be much easier to test out working as a given user role by anyone with these privileges.

How to add new contextual links

We may want to do this for a present project, and in any case i wanted to flag one of the coolest things in Drupal 7,
Adding new contextual links:

See also

Core Form Messages to AJAXify

Messages to AJAXify with a helper module to

Error messages to AJAXify-- why wait until you submit the form to know this?

The first ones are relevant
* "The username cannot contain multiple spaces in a row."
* username taken (both these handled by )
* optional duplicate title warning

If view Row style isn't visible, change the style to one that allows both

When editing a view, the Row style option may not be available. Change the Style to one that is available to all (both) row styles, such as Unformatted, and you will be able to change from Row style Fields to Row style Node.

The row type of node is not available when the grid style is in use, for instance.

Interaction Design Encyclopedia

Very, very cool (even if they dis Wikipedia).

via Dani Nordin

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