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Drush and specifying source dump and target dump options

Using temporary files to store and transfer sql-dump. It is recommended that you specify --source-dump and --target-dump options on the command line, or set '%dump' or '%dump-dir' in the path-aliases section of your site alias records. This facilitates fast file transfer via rsync.

What exactly does that mean? Is some random location i make up really better than the temporary directory? Or should i be giving it some specific directory, on different serves or something? Guidance please.


in drushrc.php

Measure CSS rendering time

The Net in Firebug can do this.

Enable it, reload the page, and click on the CSS subtab.

There are two values you can look as the render completion times, the thin red and thin blue lines, compared to the end of the loading of actual files. DOMContentLoaded is the vertical blue line and load is represented by the vertical red line.

You can see the exact values by hovering over any request. (See screenshot.)

What are your git shortcuts? Here are mine.

Two whole words were too much for me for the commonly used git commands, so i created three-letter aliases.

Maybe if we share, we won't be utterly useless if we are lucky enough to work on one another's machines when we are forced, unready to fly with our stubby three-letter wings, out of our own nests.

Benchmarking Drupal

How to benchmark Drupal

Benchmarking Drupal code

catch benchmarks

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