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Have menu local tasks (view, edit, etc. tabs) show menu item description as tooltip

Most menu items in Drupal 7 show a link tool-tip, or title, but local tasks (the tabs you are most used to seeing as the edit link tab on full node pages sadly do not follow this sensible pattern.

Until Drupal core is fixed so that menu item "description" is applied to title attribute of menu tab links", here is a fix for Drupal 7. Change this to your custom theme's name (replace 'example') and drop into your theme's template.php file:

Wrapping a link around a renderable array for images in Drupal 7

I was asked a question about theming linked images and gave the wrong answer, that it was a known pain point, but it kept bugging me because i was pretty sure i was not remembering something. The failure of link render arrays i was thinking of is their use in item_list, but in fact there is a secret theme function that can be used to put linked images in a render array properly.

Thanks to the amazing Morbus Iff for documenting using theme_image_formatter in a render array:

Theming with Display Suite and Preprocess Functions

Display Suite does not use node-*.tpl.php. This would is be by design. There are three ways i see to bring in custom elements.

Custom fields

Typical usage for custom elements would seem to be creating entire custom 'fields' (as opposed to small variables) which can then be placed by Display Suite-- as shown in the first part of this post:

Mobile presentation by Jason Chinn, BADcamp 2010

i asked about Opera:

Jeff Robbins:
Opera is the browser on alternate devices

they're very compatible

nowadays when they talk about Symbian - Nokia's OS

currently, in the marketplace, most people have android or iphone, and it's the same browser.

i don't know how much is from Rob, and how much from google…

[old] Skinr weirdness, an unneeded line breaks the next one

[This may be out of date]

This didn't start working until i added the squid line.

skinr[second_sidebar][features][] = squid
skinr[second_sidebar][features][] = block

(Squid is not added to the features array, but it's the only thing that makes block show up. And if 'block' is put first, then it's only squid that is added to the array of features.)




produces fuzz

CSS for Forms: Formalize

Makes forms display somewhat consistently across browsers and operating systems, without making them too different / unexpected.

The key file:


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