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CSS for Forms: Formalize

Makes forms display somewhat consistently across browsers and operating systems, without making them too different / unexpected.

The key file:


Theme the Search Form in Drupal 6

So it's 1am and you want to theme the search form output of your brand new drupal 6 theme, here's the quick and easy one step guide that will get you though it. Yep, that's right, 1 step, because that's how we do it the agaric way...


STEP 1 of 1
Paste the code below into into your trusty template.php file and customize to your heart's desire... (leave out the php open and closing tags, we use em to make the output look nice, with pretty colors and stuff...)

Fieldsets in Drupal forms: FAPI 5 syntax

Drupal fieldsets can also have a description.

Print a form, such as a search form, anywhere in Drupal

Resolved error:

Missing argument 1 for search_box(), called in /sites/example/www/includes/ : eval()'d code on line 5 and defined in /sites/example/www/modules/search/search.module on line 1037.

This was from code added to a page's content by a client or possibly even the previous developer. We completely redid the site but did copy-paste in some pages.

How to theme a Drupal form

Update: This tutorial has been revised significantly to provide a robust solution consistently works.

Define a function named your_theme_name_ or phptemplate_ plus name_of_form($form).

Display a Drupal login form anywhere with PHP, including in page content

Update: I gave slightly incorrect code, I'm pretty sure swapping out 'user_register' to put in 'user_login' will work just fine:

dan hak 3:08
whats the code for the login block

benjamin melançon 3:09

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