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Emfield video thumbnails disappearing

This is incorrect

Just update to the latest version. See for the fun story behind it.

Emfield module must be configured to have a custom directory to store its thumbnails in, otherwise the thumbnails are put in sites/default/files as temporary files (status zero), and are cleared out when cron runs.

Adding tracking code via template.php

Adding custom tracking Javascript confused me on doing it the Drupal way.

When the goal was adding:

  <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">llactid=14159</script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script>

Ask Agaric: Copying webforms

Is it currently possible to clone webforms? This would save a lot of time. If it is possible right now, please let me know how to do it.

The node clone module should do it (see )


Synching a new Webform with Salesforce

"Ensure all Webforms are exposed to Salesforce"

The form will be exposed to Salesforce module. Then go back to:

Where the form will be listed as disabled:

[See screenshot]

Configure first, and then enable.


Gathering the data needed to abuse field formatters-- disable and combine and change per node settings set by user

For old times sake... this is one of the last outputs like this before I use a properly integrated development environment, Eclipse PDT (for PHP) with xdebug, which will show all the variables without the Drupal set messaging and such.

Field_placement displaying using CCK field formatters

This is the point where after more blocks and bloopers than I care to admit that we should finally have all the data we need.

Before I try to output any of it though.

The below function produces the below drupal_set_message (dsm using devel) output:

Fastest way to get just one result from a database table in Drupal

To get a single value result – one row from a just one column – the Drupal function for that is db_result(), which takes the result of db_query() as an argument.

(The same function works for Drupals 4.7 and 6.)

Functions needed to define a new CCK field; Field placement module thoughts

If we were to implement Field Placement's imagecache preset option as a CCK field itself, here are (a lot of) the parts we would have to implement, drawn from imagefield itself. Many helper functions left out, but the below code is the gist of defining a CCK field type.

All in all, it seems like more work than warranted to display a setting option that does not get displayed on the node itself, but rather affects the display of another CCK field.

Fieldsets in Drupal forms: FAPI 5 syntax

Drupal fieldsets can also have a description.

Apache access control the Agaric way

[Note, this is outdated, now using Kerberos.]

Clients don't like their test site competing with their live, production site for Google results. Therefore, we have put our entire set of test sites behind a pop-up requiring basic Apache authentication.

For ongoing maintenance — adding new people to access the test environment behind the authorization wall — the operative command is:

I love that no matter how many times I do it

I love that no matter how many times I do it – leave off a semicolon, have more opening than closing parentheses, or have an extra curly brace – the PHP parser still finds my error unexpected.

It's that kind of unconditional confidence that a coder needs to get through the day... and the night.

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