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With XAMPP, permission denied for MySQL user with % (all) host access but works for localhost

For reasons not known to man nor beast, on XAMPP on Mac OS X (and not XAMP but another all in one WAMP stack, but not that name either) will not work with the wildcard availability host name (%). It will work (or anyhow may work for you, it worked for Agaric!) with the @localhost for host name.


Update or commit: See what's changed in a version-controlled file with svn diff

When you run
sudo svn status -u
and see

M 6549 www/.htaccess

you can see exactly what's up with those changes with
svn diff www/.htaccess
Showing something like:
Index: www/.htaccess

Agaric Utility function: set default values in an array

the original line is almost as short as the function, but if we want to add checking on "empty()" or need to change anything else, it's all in one place

Forward Drupal path to an external URL

UPDATE: A better, universal approach which should be all you need is immediately here--

Simply provide the internal path that really belongs to the old site (in 'path', and the URL you want to send things with this path to, in the 'url' value of 'callback arguments').

On third thought, this should really be done with Apache rather than making Drupal get involved. Oh well, this works too, though an Apache .htaccess or configuration file approach would be better because it would use fewer server resources.

Set a module weight using its .install file

in placement.install

function placement_install() {
  db_query("UPDATE {system} SET weight = 10 WHERE name = 'placement'");

The query is the same in both MySQL and PostgreSQL so for these databases (which are what Drupal core supports) this does not need to be placed in a switch statement.


Node relativity display: do not show children

can you help me make node relativity not show the children list below the node like that?

Go to administer settings or whatever Node Relativity and click on the Display Settings tab, and change the section from a number (weight) to zero - 0 - which means don't display.


Agaric asks itself: help. views arguments? Taxonomy, nodes, and context

The Question: How to use arguments to make a block view show content associated with pages


so there are industry pages under the industry dropdown. AND there are products pages under the products dropdown, products is its own content type, industry pages are pages, the products content type has a vocabulary associated with it that basically has all the industries in it.

Drupal Salesforce-integrated Contact Form: Specific Use Case

As discussed, for the contact page, I want the following fields automatically submitted through to the LEADS tab in Salesforce:

1. Company Name

2. Contact Name (First Name and Last Name – 2 fields)

3. E-mail Address

4. Phone Number

5. Address (Address, City, State, Postal/Zip code, Country)

6. Additional comments box (optional)

I can add any field to Salesforce so let me know if you need me to do that.

Adding a custom submit handler to a form with a CCK field?

I was thinking maybe a CCK field to tell a form what Salesforce lead "Source" categorization a form should have ought to be able to do double duty as the indicator that "this form should be sent to Salesforce as a lead."

However, that would require a CCK field to be able to add a submit handler that applies to the entire form it is added to, and I'm not sure they can do that.

Salesforce module difficulty logging in to from Drupal


I am working for a current Salesforce commercial client and we are integrating Salesforce with a new Drupal web site. For both their account and my developer account, authentication fails using the e-mail and password. I know that Salesforce protects against unauthorized access by IP-based whitelists, and I am wondering if this is the problem.

We have not received e-mails at either account noting a failed login, and am wondering if there is a place in the admin interface that I have missed and can enable the web site.

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