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Something that has to be decided for a site, module, or other project.

Ontology module of SCF early candidate for contribution to

Ontology module in SCF profile's custom modules directory, originally authored by Mark Goetz, is very close to ready to be committed to It relies on Taxonomy extra (taxonomy_extra) module, originally by Alister Lewis-Bowen, and also in SCF profile's custom modules.

Make the (presently undeclared) dependency on graphbrowser module optional.

Create a similar optional dependency on gene_ontology (or move both these additions of data out of the hack of being added on the theme layer).

Term Fields rejected for SCF

While we prefer to use existing modules rather than create custom ones whenever possible, the specific needs for storing additional Gene Ontology data with Drupal (multiple kinds of relationships between terms) and the functionality of Term Fields module did not match up.

Furthermore, Term Fields:

@TODO Drupal core improvement bring back settings.php

webchick agrees!

What I want to do [get rid of default.settings.php]

and put the database settings in db.php

[that's what i do!]

[my caveat:]
you want to include db.php last so that you can override anything in settings.php site specifically

recommendation is that settings.php be version controlled and db.php not be.
[which is exactly my method :-) ]


What is the Science Collaboration Framework (Presenting SCF)

(Note: This is not an official Science Collaboration Framework document, this is my own draft document for explaining the project, especially to people familiar with Drupal.)

IMC Alba Drupal profile nodecomment module more trouble than it's worth?

( ! ) Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _comment_get_orders() (previously declared in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/modules/comment/comment.module:1857) in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/modules/imc_alba/nodecomment/nodecomment.module on line 57

Indymedia Alba's nodecomment module does not work with regular comment module enabled. With no documenation to explain why a custom nodecomment was necessary and Drupal core comment wasn't enough, I went with Drupal on this one.

Drupal development modules

Agaric has added the following modules to our development git repository. Alphabetical order:

Bulk taxonomy import term-by-term is just too slow

Struggling with taxonomy import.

After stripping everything out, the conclusion is that taxonomy_save_term, by itself, without even the hooks to add extra data, is simply too slow, with a minimum of three database calls per term. (data, hierarchy, vocabulary)

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1048576 bytes) in /RCS/agaric/agaric-sites/scf/includes/ on line 836


Increased to 256MB. It ran forever, then returned this:

Science Collaboration Framework custom code and plans

SCF seems to have a lot of "custom" modules. Do you know who is developing these? Is there a license conflict with GPL2 for not having them on d.o?


aka scor

The modules were developed by Tom Green. Agaric Design Collective (with myself as project lead) has taken over primary development.

Standard steps in responding to Request for Proposal

First paragraph about why we're qualified

keep it short

modules we maintain on

CiviCRM implementation

the work plan for getting the work done- that is the process that we go through

preliminary analysis, requirements gathering, then we create statement of work

talk about myagaric project management


Matt Westgate says:

Stop Selling Drupal and start selling:

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