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Boston Indymedia

Planning a DrupalCamp and Code Sprint

Introductory Blurb

Modeled on BarCamp unconferences, a DrupalCamp is learning sessions, discussion, workshops, and code sprints for the free software content management system Drupal. Anyone can present and everyone is welcome. The schedule of sessions is decided in the morning on each day, but we do encourage people to post what they would like to say or hear to gauge interest and encourage coordination.

This first general camp, DrupalCampBoston1, will feature a practical , immediately benefiting Open Media Boston and Boston Indymedia.


IMC Alba Drupal profile nodecomment module more trouble than it's worth?

( ! ) Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _comment_get_orders() (previously declared in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/modules/comment/comment.module:1857) in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/modules/imc_alba/nodecomment/nodecomment.module on line 57

Indymedia Alba's nodecomment module does not work with regular comment module enabled. With no documenation to explain why a custom nodecomment was necessary and Drupal core comment wasn't enough, I went with Drupal on this one.

Adding Drupal profile as a git submodule (terminal dump)

Not sure about this approach, let alone the documentation.

git add modules/
cd ../../../
git add .gitmodules drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/

cd drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/

git status

git commit -m "added the imc alba modules, and fckeditor (and the fckeditor third party download)"

git push

cd ../../../

git add drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/

git commit -m "With imc alba profile and modules"


Shared Calendar for Boston area

Jason Pramas of Open Media Boston on a shared calendar for the greater Boston area:

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