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Adding a remote calendar to Mozilla Thunderbird

Pretty easy, once you know where to look-- not under Calendar, but under File > New > Calendar

then On the Network and (probably) iCal/ICS.

Calendar, To Do tasks, and contact management Free Software

For contacts (address book), the current plan is still to find people to port Sbook to Linux to do at least as much as it currently does on Mac OS X.

Thunderbird/Sunbird are the fallback of choice for calendar (i've already uninstalled Evolution, it's that bad), but i don't know how to sync them except by actually entering all data in Google Calendar which is an ugh (but what i currently do).

And trying out Getting Things Gnome

Shared Calendar for Boston area

Jason Pramas of Open Media Boston on a shared calendar for the greater Boston area:

Drupal Calendar Implemenation with Organic Groups, Date, Views, Panals 2, Mini Panel, and Tabbed Mini Panel

Work-steps for "Calendar/Date implementation with custom view, Panels 2 mini panel and tabbed mini panel, and a theme function override for the breadcrumbs" from Patrick Phillips of the Vineyard Voice with consultation by Ted Serbinski:

In all it is a very clean and simple solution using CCK, Views and Panels 2 with a small amount of custom code. I have to thank Ted, for the 10th time, for helping me out.

Calendar views issues with breadcrumbs and arguments

Calendar view not showing
Date API views Calendar events show display

The only way to get content that has Date CCK information attachedd to it to show up is to actually add "Date: Time" to the calendar view.

Which is sort of weird.

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