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Adding a remote calendar to Mozilla Thunderbird

Pretty easy, once you know where to look-- not under Calendar, but under File > New > Calendar

then On the Network and (probably) iCal/ICS.

Use Drush to sync the database from one site to another

Based on Greg Anderson's chapter in the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.

drush sql-sync @dgd7.local


A dgd7.aliases.drushrc.php file in a ~/.drush directory (that's a .drush folder in your home directory) that contains something like:

Fixing Trac Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset X in the repository).

When you get the trac error Can't synchronize with the repository with the specific reason that it does not have a specific changeset in the repository, en error such as below, the fix may be an easy command.

Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset 44ac558946c26785987f0e500d23137d36bc537e in the repository). Look in the Trac log for more information.

(The ridiculously long changeset number is a hash, which is how Git makes distributed version control possible.)

Twitter module for Drupal plus Facebook plus Adium equals end of schizophrenia

One status for all your online identities: the end of schizophrenia! Update your status on your Drupal site, and keep your wider wired and wireless world informed.

First, the Twitter module for Drupal by walkah is very simple and a little non-intuitive as to where to do settings, so we'll start with some Twitter module documentation that should be cleaned up and put on (pending the commit of a patch Agaric used and probably other enhancements of the module).

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